Logos & Icons


Maddox Music Group

Maddox Music Group is based in Florida manages artists who perform regularly all over the state.



Danielle Levsky

Danielle is a writer and editor who writes thoughtful stories, articles, reviews, poems and more.



Manny Echazabal

Manny is a Jazz saxophone player, so the logo had to convey both his instrument and the fun of playing Jazz.


The Rusted Flamingo

I was asked to illustrate a literal rusted flamingo, inspired by the metal flamingos homeowners sometimes put on their lawn.



Dancing Om

Modern take on om icon for yoga/dance studio.


Daniel Crespo

Vectorization of signature for use in branding materials.


Hanah Davenport

Hanah is a Jazz vocalist who requested an elegant logo she could use on business cards, promotional materials and her website.


Eco Friendly

Icon to mark products as environmentally friendly.


Bird in Flight

Modern, minimalistic icon.



Modern asymmetrical take on fleur-de-lis with motion.