List App


An iOS mobile app I designed to organize books, games, movies, and TV shows for yourself as well as recommend them to friends


Tools: Principle and Adobe Illustrator




  • View items in your Past list (items already completed)
  • View items in your Future list (items not yet completed)
  • Sort items
  • Select between list of Books, Games, Movies, or TV Shows
  • Access search screen and menu



  • Search for any item and easily add to Past or Future list
  • Green check mark box indicates title is already in your list
  • P or F shows whether title is in Past or Future list




Title Detail

  • Simple display of most important information
  • Recommend title
  • Add to Past or Future
  • Access Trailers, Cast & Crew, and More Details
  • Purchase title



  • Displays Actors, Directors, Authors, etc. and any content they are associated with
  • Following will send you a notification whenever there is a content release related to this individual





  • Recommendations from friends
  • New releases from people you follow



  • Receive recommendations from friends
  • Greyed out items indicate which are already in a list
  • P or F in the corner of greyed out items indicate which list
  • Select which titles to add to your lists